Erica Kelly Martin is a Los Angeles based photographer, whose work centers on recurring themes of identity, transformation, and the paradox of human existence, condensed in a moment.  She photographs people, often in their natural surroundings, depicting their rituals and the manifestations of their interior lives.   

     Erica's work explores the inner lives of her subjects, and how they manifest who they are or would like to be.  She is interested in themes of growing up, of putting on masks, or casting them aside.  She creates intimate portraits, often in prosaic places.

      Erica studied at Amherst College, ICP, the University of Chicago, and the Los Angeles Center of Photography.  In addition to her photography work, Erica is an attorney, working to protect the environment, and a silversmith, creating collectible pieces.  She travels for assignment around the world, and lives and works in Los Angeles with her family, which includes her partner, children, and various rescue animals.